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Top 7 Health tips for a healthy lifestyle. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), hypertension, kidney disease, obesity, arthritis, depression and injuries are the major health treats not only in India but all over the world. Particular lifestyle changes can help to preventing the particular disease or disorder. Healthy lifestyle - Healthy livingSome lifestyle changes improve fitness and quality of life and decrease the risks of many different diseases or disorders. For example the three major cause of death all over the world are heart diseases, cancer and stroke. These are more likely to occur in poor lifestyles especially taking a diet of high calories, not exercising regularly and smoking etc. After having appropriate information, people can take proper decisions and establish health habits. However adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not a bed of roses. If a person changes a healthy lifestyle, it can prove to be exciting and rewarding. Generally, a healthy lifestyle includes various habits such as not taking alcohol, eating healthy diet, performing sufficient physical exercises, wearing sunscreen and not smoking etc. Through the changes in lifestyle the above mention health treats (Disease and Disorder) can be prevented. The following points for maintaining a healthy lifestyle may be very significant in preventing the major health threats.

There are top 7 Health tips for a healthy lifestyle are given belew:

 7 Health tips for a healthy lifestyle:

Tips 1. Regular physical exercise:

Contemporary life in most of the countries has reduced individual’s opportunities to expend energy, whether in moving from one place to another or at home. It is usually seen that most of the people avoid doing any physical activity or exertion in their daily life. They prefer motor bike instead of Regular physical exercise 7 health tips for a healthy lifestylewalking. As a matter of fact, regular physical activity or exercise help in preventing obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, some type of cancer, constipation, depression and other health threats. Moderate physical activity or exercise should be performed at least six days a week and at least 60 minutes per day. Doing even a little bit of exercise is much betters then none at all. The individuals who devote only 10 minutes at a time to physical exercise may reap significant benefits, especially if the exercise is vigorous one. Walking is a simple but effective exercise that most of the persons enjoy. The different type of exercises deals with the different problems. For example, aerobic exercise may decrease the risk of heart attacks and coronary diseases.

Tips 2. Healthful eating habits:

Healthful eating habits can help the individuals in preventing as well as controlling the diseases such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, muscular degeneration, renal stones, dental disease and certain type of cancers. A diet that includes plenty of vegetable, fruits and whole grain cereals and Healthy eating- 7 health tips for a healthy lifestylebreads is recommended in part because such diet is high in fiber. Replacing the harmful type of fats i.e., saturated and Trans fatty acids with unsaturated fats including sources of omega – 3 fatty acids reduce the risk of coronary artery disease by reducing low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Instead of eating fish and very lean meat, choosing the low fat dairy foods are sugar based beverages should be limited as sugar has no nutrition value except for calories. Excessive calories intake from any source should be limited. The intake of sodium should also be limited as it enhances the blood pressure. Infect, it is a major risk factor for stroke and coronary artery diseases. According to World Health Organization (WHO) its amount should not be more than 1.7 grams per day, means 5 gram of salt per day. The adequate amount of calcium and vitamin ‘D’ is also recommended for preventing the incidence of osteoporosis.

Tips 3. Meaningful healthy weights:

Obesity is a worldwide problem. Even overweight individuals experience a 2 to 3 time elevation in the risks of coronary artery disease and hypertension and ten times increase in diabetes in healthy-weight - Top 7 Health tips for a healthy lifestylecomparison to the lean individuals. Overweight and obese individuals also experience increased morality from cancer or colon, breast and kidney. Infect the Body Mass Index (BMI) should not exceed 24.9. It may be attained by adopting a healthy lifestyle in which an individual should stick to lifetime concept of weight control. It can be achieved by setting up proper goal, lying stress on health not on weight. Cutting the calories, avoiding fatty, junk and fast foods, avoiding over eating and rich carbohydrate food, balancing intake of calories and expenditure of calories and regular physical exercises.

Tips 4. Quit for smoking:

Quitting smoking is significant for a healthy lifestyle. Infact, smoking or use of tobacco in any form increases the blood pressure which may cause stroke and coronary artery Quit smoking - Top 7 Health tips for a healthy lifestyledisease.  Avoiding the use of tobacco helps in preventing health treats. Even avoiding the use of smokeless tobacco also prevents oral cancer up to some extent.

Tips 5.  Limiting the amount of alcohol:

To use alcohol in limited amount is also an impotent part of healthy  Limiting the amount of alcohol- Health tips lifestyle. Although the little amount of alcohol, especially red wine, may have some benefits for health but two or more than two drinks per day is usually harmful and may lead to health treats.

Tips 6. Sufficient sleeps:

Sufficient sleep is also a very significant part of a healthy lifestyle, Sufficient sleeps - health tipsparticularly affecting mood and mental state. Inadequate or insufficient sleep is a risk factor for injuries. So, sufficient and sound sleep is necessary for keeping an individual away from fatigue or exertion. One becomes fresh and energetic after having an adequate sleep.Health tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Tips 7.  Limit T.V watching:

Watching T.V for a number of hours regularly is associated Limit T.V watching - Tips for a healthy lifestylewith increase obesity rates in children and adults, according to various research studies. It enhances the risk of diabetes and increases the consumption of foods and beverage high in calories. Decrease in T.V watching significantly reduces the body weight.

There are Top 7 Health tips for a healthy lifestyle. To conclude, it can be said that the major health treats in contemporary world can be prevented easily, if we change our lifestyle and adopt a healthy lifestyle. The above

7 Health tips for a healthy lifestyle which are includes in healthy lifestyle can play a vital role in may find the new world which is safe to live and flourish.

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