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Prevention and Management of Hypertension | physiotreatments

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What is hypertension or high blood pressure:

Hypertension means the increased blood pressure. It has become a worldwide health problem because a great number of people are facing the problem of hypertension throughout the world. Though blood pressure increases with the advancement of age.  In yesteryears, hypertension used to be considered a middle age problem but now a day, the youngsters are also having the problem of hypertension or high blood pressure due to their faulty lifestyles.Hypertension - physiotreatments

In fact, the main function of the heart is to supply pure blood to the various part of the body, through different arteries. When the heart contracts, it pushes the blood through blood vessels and consequently the blood pressure increase in arteries. This pressure is known as systolic blood pressure. It is represented by the first number. The pressure between two heartbeats is called diastolic blood pressure. It is represented by bottom or second number. These two numbers of blood pressure are measured in mm/Hg. Unit means millimeter of Mercury. The normal blood pressure of an adult is considered 120/80 mm/Hg. The persons, whose blood pressure readings are beyond 140/90 mm/Hg, are said to be having high blood pressur.

Prevention and management of Hypertension:

As a matter of fact, the individuals who have hypertension remain more serious to know their measurements of blood pressure instead of doing something to prevent it. In fact, high blood pressure usually cannot be cured. But proper treatment can be reduce blood pressure as well as managed, if one follows the bellow mention points appropriately:

1 . Change  in the lifestyle:

A change in the lifestyle can be boon to the persons having hypertension. They should take proper and balanced diet. They should not lead sedentary lifestyle. Instead of this, they must lead active and healthy lifestyle. They should not consume alcohol. They must say ‘ no ‘ to smoking in action, not just in words. They should not indulge themselves in overwork. They should not take drugs and other stimulants. Such type of lifestyle management measures may do miracles in preventing and managing hypertension.

Lifestyle changes

You can see how to make a healthy lifestyle.

2 . Exercises or Sports Activities:

Exercises or sports activities are usually helpful in the prevention and treatment of hypertension. In fact, exercises lower the blood pressure through some possible mechanisms. Moderate exercise with high intensity is very effective for a long term blood pressure lowering programmed.  In the beginning, walking should be at slow pace, and then gradually it should be increased at a faster rate. Exercises or Sports ActivitiesIt should be kept in mind that the patients of hypertension should perform such exercises with moderate intensity. The amount and duration of exercise programmed should be according to the capacity of an individual. Aerobic exercises and playing various sports and games are also very effective in preventing and managing hypertension. The exercises should be performed regularly for good results.

3 Reduce Obesity:

Use high quality program of exercises and take appropriate balanced diet to reduce obesity. Reduce ObesityReducing your body weight is the most effective way to prevent and manage high blood pressure.


4 High blood pressure diet /High Blood Pressure Remedies:

Take proper diet. Reduce the intake of sodium in your diet i.e., take less salt. Take potassium, calcium, magnesium, high fiber, wholegrain products, low fat, nuts, fruits and vegetables in your diet.High blood pressure diet

Researches indicate that such diet is beneficial in reduce blood pressure high blood pressure.

5 Relieve Stress:

Relieve unnecessary elements of stress in your life. Try to indulge yourself in some recreational activities as well as in meditation, yoga, regular walks, dancing and maxing with other people etc. Relieve Stress for high blood presure

These are best means to relieve stress which further reduce hypertension.

6 Take Medicines:

If measure like lifestyle change, exercise and diet are not able to prevent high blood pressure (hypertension) or it remains 140/90 m.m/Hg or higher, you need to take medicines daily.Take Medicines for high blood pressure treatmentMedicines control high blood pressure but usually don’t cure it, so it becomes necessary to take such medicines for the rest of life. Consequently, it can be said that by following the above mentioned points on regular basis hypertension can be prevented and managed effectively.

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